The benefits of status quo are overwhelming for any change initiative. Change is the phantom of the old threats. Change brings strain and panic. Change pulls out pain and stiffness.

Despite everyone thinks in terms of “prevent better than cure”, few acts accordingly. Because change alters the habits, while habits preserve privileges.

In fact, a reasonable question whould be: why should someone change a status quo as the present is convenient? The answer resides in a paradox: shunning or adjourning change, might spoil the future. Because blocking change chunck minds, hamper vocation, and slay zeal.


3 thoughts on “When CHANGE freezes over!

  1. “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. I do not agree.
    Have you ever wondered why children make a mess or break their toys? .. because they need it it to “re-arrange the world” to reshape, to create or to learn.

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