Couple of months ago, I was debating on what a project manager is supposed to be.

Today I went on and say that the project manager is, after all, a puzzle-maker.

What a puzzle maker is doing? First, he/ she identifies the boundaries (the scope), right? Second, he/ she isolates pieces in the same cluster/ pattern (what is required to build). Then he/ she sets up the way of the image is built: from corners, from center, from bottom… this is the approach.

Subsequently, he/ she realizes that some pieces are wrongly positioned. This is the exception management.

Eventually, he/ she enjoys the whole framework. Think about the difficulties and inspiration moments. These are the lesson learned.

Next puzzle will be easier…. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Puzzle-maker

  1. this is what I am saying: you have to put pieces together in order to imagine what the final output should be

    same principles apply for lego 🙂

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