…”One of the lessons I’ve learned is to apply the Adam Smith principle in your business career: comparative advantage. Focus on the things that you do better than the other things that you do, and resist the seductions of a little more pay or a little nicer office or a little better title if it does not play to your strengths. Secondly, pick a field where your passions are, because the combination of playing to your strengths and being passionate about it can make a very big difference in a career“…

Pete Peterson, Co-founder of Blackstone


10 thoughts on “Mesaj pentru creieri neprihaniti

  1. @takeda: asa-i cu zodia! dar se poate spune cu deosebita modestie ca suntem 2 exemple pozitive ale zodiei…are si semnul asta multe uscaturi

    @explorish: pai un ninja tb sa fie rapid ca altfel face de rusine numele;)

  2. nu ma culc pe-a ureche..din fire;)..aici pot spune si eu takeda stie;)…nu stiu cum e la tine cu viteza, tb sa-mi fac propria parere cu prima okazie..ma bazez pe takeda sa ne adune candva in 2010:)
    Craciun fericit!

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