M-am jucat si eu in acest proiect… Sunt curios cum va fi privita contributia mea. Probabil teoretica. Asta stiu sa fac: frame-uri si paradigme 🙂

O scurta sinteza a propunerii:

…[BREP (Basics orientation, Rational expectation, customer Experience, Pattern-driven approach) may bring a natural balance in how hierarchies are set and the equilibrium of power is realized. For instance, it may be used as a high level set of principles in negotiations of fiscal programs, between the government and the business landscape. Similarly, it may be used in organizing a strategic business plan, while customer experience is valued, expectations on growth are rationally formulated, and the plan itself starts from well-articulated hypothesis, rooted in behavioral patterns.]…

…[KNOS (Knowledge, Network, Ownership, Support) may be applicable in transformation initiatives or change management programs, as it is meant to enhance the learning behavior of an organization: which is the knowledge I may count for; which is the network I may involve; which are the challenges I may embrace; which is the leverage/ support I need to pursue that transformation/ change. I find it applicable in any reshaping initiative, organic or inorganic (mergers or acquisitions).

Mai multe, gasiti aici (scuzati gramatica pe alocuri 😉 ):



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